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About RSCM

The Royal School of Church Music is an interdenominational association dedicated to improving Church music, regardless of style. Our leadership includes professional church musicians experienced in many styles of music from traditional to contemporary. We offer courses, activities and published resources.

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​RSCM Australia was born out of a desire to bring together the former Australian branches of the Royal School of Church Music under a single administration. RSCM Australia represents a national voice in church music, and aims to develop co-operative and formal links with the major church bodies in Australia.

The RSCM originated in the UK in 1927 as the School of English Church Music and became the Royal School of Church Music by command of King George VI in 1945. There are now branches all over the world. There are over 7,000 active members and affiliates world-wide, and 1,500 supporting friends in over 40 countries.

Our Goals

  • To promote the study, worthy practice and improvement of music in Christian worship in Australia.

  • To facilitate communication between church musicians of all Christian denominations in Australia.

  • To encourage the composition and publication of church music in Australia.

  • To conduct educational activities in keeping with the above aims.

  • To establish formal links with Christian denominations and organisations within Australia.

  • To develop, promote, and administer award or certificate schemes at various levels, specifically related to church music in Australia.

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